Do you own a buff? Do you know how to wear a buff?

A buff is a very versatile piece of headwear that is great for outdoor activities. It basically looks like a tubular bandana and is usually made from a stretchy, synthetic material like spandex or lycra.

Buffs are useful because they serve many functions but are still light weight and packable. They can block UV rays, stop wind burn, provide warmth, and wick away sweat. Some buffs are even pretreated with Insect Shield® (permethrin) to repel mosquitos, ticks, and biting insects.

Buffs are a perfect piece of gear when camping or backpacking. Versatility is so important when you are in the backcountry and can’t afford to carry single use equipment. During the day buffs provide sun relief and block UV rays. If it’s windy they can protect the skin and generate a bit of warmth. At night when it gets cold they can be worn around camp and are even comfy enough to sleep in. If it’s really cold you can use a warmer, fleece version. You can even wrap one around a stuff sack to create a nice pillow case. Light weight, packable, versatile… buffs are awesome camping gear!

So by now you’re probably sold on getting one, but you’ll want to know how to wear a buff to maximize their potential. There’s really no ‘wrong’ way to wear one – you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to wear a buff. But some of the wearing options are pretty interesting and maybe you’ll pick up something new.

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How to wear a buff – the 13 most useful ways:

  1. Scarf – simply wear the buff loosely around you neck
  2. Neck Warmer – keep it around your neck but pull it over the bottom of your chin
  3. Face Mask – pull it up even higher all around; it should cover your nose but sit below your eyes
  4. Sun Guard – cover your chin in the front and pull the back up and over the back of your head; works great with a baseball cap or helmet
  5. Hood – keep the front under your chin and pull the back up and over the whole top of your head
  6. Balaclava – start with the hood and then grab material from below your chin and double it up and over to cover your nose
  7. Head Band – like the scarf this is pretty straight forward
  8. Beanie – twist it in the middle then pull top section down over the bottom to make a cap shape
  9. Bandana – tie a knot to make a cap shape
  10. Sahariane – lay flat on your head with openings facing front and back; hold inside with one hand over your forehead and use other hand to pull top layer towards back of head to secure
  11. Hair Band – start with a scarf then pull up
  12. Head Scarf – just like a hair band but also pull the top back to cover your hair
  13. Scrunchie – also very straight forward, use it to hold back your pony tail

I find it much easier to just watch a video demonstrating some of these options. Youtube to the rescue!

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